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Becoming a CALT is not just an advanced reading course, it is a journey into the history of language, the brains of children learning to read, and the strategies and research of best practices. With every presentation, activity, and observation, Janie guides you through learning how to become therapeutic in your instruction, giving you the tools and knowledge to differentiate and help each student become a reader.

My experience with TF and Janie Harvey as my guide has made me a confident reading therapist who can and will change the lives of developing readers.

Literacy interventionist, Crested Butte Community School

This has been the best professional training I've received in my career as an educator.  I learned not only the science behind how all children learn to read, but also evidence-based practices, interventions, and assessments to pinpoint areas of struggle in my students. I was able to integrate what I learned right into my Tier 1 instruction. As a classroom teacher, this training has been life-changing, and each one of my first grade students was a successful reader by year end.


Literacy Interventionist, Sand Creek Elementary School

I want to thank you for the impact you have had upon Garrett's academic success and our family as a whole. We had traversed through a number of literacy programs including Read to Succeed, F.A.S.T and Lindamood-Bell, and much of the progress appeared to disappear once he concluded them. We were witnessing decreasing self-esteem and drive, and Garrett had begun to believe nothing was going to help. After a year of Take Flight, we've witnessed tremendous gains, and he is a different kid. He has been posting his schoolwork on the refrigerator, and is beginning to see himself as just one of the kids in class, as opposed to the "special" one who cannot do what the others can. From the depths of my heart, I thank you for the gift you have given my son.

Eileen, Parent

I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have had this learning opportunity. Janie was so patient and gracious in teaching me -- a great model to pass on to my students. This is a learning experience that will challenge both you and your students, and allow both of you to grow your understanding of what it takes and means to be a reader. I encourage you to go on this journey, ask a lot of questions, and reap the rewards of bringing reading to those who don’t think they can! 


Literacy Interventionist, Ellicot School District

I am one year into the Academic Language Therapy program through Denver Dyslexia Partners with Janie Harvey. The curriculum and program model are top-notch, but Janie is above and beyond. I feel so lucky to be training with her -- she combines incredible knowledge with a natural warmth and relatability -- this is hands-down the most valuable and enjoyable training I've ever taken. The program is demanding and rigorous AND Janie makes it engaging and fun.


Learning Specialist, Hillside School Boulder 

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