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Teacher and Pupil


To empower and support dyslexic children and their families by equipping educators and parents with knowledge rooted in the science of dyslexia that ignites success and transforms lives.

Janie Harvey

Janie Harvey is the founder and director of Denver Dyslexia Partners, and is passionate about improving education for those with dyslexia.

Janie holds a Master’s in Teaching and Literacy Intervention from Colorado College and is a Certified Academic Language Therapist as well as a Qualified Instructor of Therapists. She worked in public schools as an interventionist for 12 years, providing structured language therapy with Take Flight for 9, and witnessing its profound effects upon children's lives.


Janie now prepares teachers in Academic Language Therapy, treats students in private practice, and evaluates children for dyslexia through Denver Dyslexia Partners.


Janie wholeheartedly desires to see dyslexic children across Colorado receive the education and support they need to thrive. She is committed to thoughtfully engaging with families and educators to provide knowledge and tools critical to their success.

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A letter from our founder

Hello, thank you for visiting! As an instructor of Certified Academic Language Therapists, I have the privilege of coming alongside teachers to impart skills that are life-changing for their students. It is powerfully rewarding work! Dyslexic children are bright and creative, determined, and full of life. Still, they often struggle to keep up in school, and face fear and self-doubt as they recognize they do not perform many academic tasks as effortlessly as their peers. This inner doubt and fear may precipitate a belief that they are not intelligent like their friends, and often leads to frustration, anxiety, and demotivation when their needs are overlooked or unaddressed in school. It was my true joy to work with these students daily for many years as an interventionist. I not only sought the level of training that would ensure I could work with any striving reader, but wanted to design a learning environment where students could to begin to trust in themselves and take risks, own their learning, and then blossom and enjoy success. This experience ignited a fire in me to empower teachers around our state to make a lasting impact in the lives of their students in the same way.


Children with dyslexia and other written language difficulties require specialized instruction–beyond what they encounter in most schools across the country, even today. We have the science, methods, and tools to awaken the power that reading gives to even the most struggling reader. My passion is to empower teachers and parents to expertly reach their students affected by the most common reading disorder–dyslexia. A certification as an Academic Language Practitioner or Therapist ensures that teachers have met the highest standards in preparation which dramatically impacts results with students.  A teacher who is highly trained is able to see results from not just one specific curriculum, but to maximize the benefit from a wide variety of tools and applications. We have the power to change the trajectory of children's lives. Let's put it to practice!

Janie Harvey,



We are committed to equipping families and educators with the knowledge and tools critical to their success.

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