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For Parents

We equip parents with knowledge rooted in the science of dyslexia that leads to best practices in their child’s instruction, stronger advocacy for their individual needs, and clear understanding of their child’s learning profile.

Our aim is to support and encourage parents through a deeper awareness of dyslexia and its profile, including areas of strength and weakness. This empowers families, and promotes stronger relationships and advocacy both at home and at school.

If you are interested in having your child evaluated for dyslexia, please click here to learn more. 


Parents often take our coursework and find deep reward in meeting their child’s learning needs powerfully and effectively. Many have found joy in gaining certification through ALTA, the Academic Language Therapy Association, and using their expertise to serve children in the community as private therapists. To learn more about dyslexia therapy certification click here.

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Supporting Parents

Parents who become trained and certified are often the ones who can meet their children’s needs most powerfully and effectively. If you are a parent and interested in learning more, please contact us.

Interested in learning more about how we partner with parents?

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