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Partnering with educators and parents to help students thrive

We empower and support dyslexic children and their families by equipping educators and parents with knowledge rooted in the science of dyslexia that ignites success and transforms lives.

Courses Begin in May! 
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We equip professionals to meet the needs of students with reading difficulties through two levels of national certification with the Academic Language Therapy Association.

Teacher in Classroom

Our aim is to support and encourage parents through a deeper awareness of dyslexia and its profile, including areas of strength and weakness. This empowers families, and promotes stronger relationships and advocacy both at home and at school.

The Impact

We help educators and parents who want to transform the lives of their students. Hear about how Denver Dyslexia Partners has helped those in our training programs.

Facts & Myths

Understanding the facts about dyslexia is important to understanding how to overcome challenges and succeed. 


Transforming Lives

Meet the founder of Denver Dyslexia Partners, LLC and learn about her passion to equip educators and parents to help transform lives.
Discover more about Certified Dyslexia Professionals
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